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As a liberal news junkie who grew up in New York City, Cary’s dream job was to be a columnist for the Times. But after graduating from Columbia School of Journalism, Cary somehow ended up being an ad guy with a penchant for writing funny, memorable copy. For decades he’s run his own agency and taken great pleasure in creating effective retail marketing campaigns for his clients. But after Trump, he simply couldn’t sit on the political sidelines anymore hoping the Democrats would get their marketing act together. So he decided to jump into the arena with Flip it Blue, the first foray into political marketing from his new baby, Retail Politics.


Dino first melded his love for great design and his passion for politics while in college at Pasadena’s famed Art Center, where he started screen printing political t-shirts for local candidates in Orange County. While the t-shirt business didn’t exactly take off, Dino’s career did. Dino has put his talents to work creating great marketing campaigns for such clients as Microsoft, Acura, Epson and others. As a founding partner of Ideaology in 2000, Dino has driven Ideaology’s culture as a results-driven agency committed to great relationships and great creative. And he can still design a mean t-shirt!

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Chuck is a real renaissance man of marketing and advertising. He started in the ad business working on Miller Brewing Company, Philip Morris and American Express. At BBDO Worldwide, he managed portions of Pepsi, FedEx and GE advertising in Asia. Then, as an early internet development executive for OMNICOM, he launched the first-ever websites for Bank of America, PacBell and British Airways. Chuck ventured out of the agency business to work with Bloomberg Energy, the World Bank, United Nations Foundation, and USAID to provide micro renewable energy for off-grid populations in India and sub-Sahara Africa. As someone who enjoys leading new initiatives, developing new channels, and opening new markets, Chuck is excited to bring a fresh approach to the formulaic world of political marketing.

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Carey Lundin is a multi award-winning director, writer, and producer specializing in political campaigns, comedic digital series, and documentaries. Carey developed her political savvy as Creative Director of Adelstein/Liston (A/L Media), a major political media firm in Chicago, working with federal, state and judicial races, public health campaigns, and corporate clients such as NEC, FMC, and Allstate. Her digital series, Citizen Kate, The Outsiders’ View of Inside Politics, which followed Barack Obama from his launch through his inauguration had hundreds of thousands of followers. Carey is a battle-tested campaign pro who imbues every project she touches with heart and humor.

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Andrew Halpern hails from traditional Madison Avenue Advertising. For the past two decades he has produced scores of commercials, web series, as well as all forms of social media for Nike, Ford, Honda, Cisco, Lexus, and others. Since the early 2000’s, Andrew served as Executive Producer for MoveOn.Org’s marketing arm Zimmerman & Markman, helping to establish internet-based political marketing. Halpern produced hundreds of TV and web commercials for MoveOn, including the “Red Handed” campaign, cited by The New York Times as second in impact and effectiveness to Ronald Reagan’s “Morning In America” spot.


Tad Fatum is an Editor/Director who is based in Los Angeles, California.  After receiving his B.A. in Film from Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts, he began his career as a commercial editor at the award-winning editorial company Cut and Run.  There he learned his craft from some of the top names in the business. He has collaborated with various agencies to enhance the visions and marketability of well-known brands, including Audi, Subaru, Macy’s, Taco Bell, and Jenny Craig. Utilizing his experience with all aspects of the creative process, he has been able to create engaging and captivating branded content through his career. Tad is well-versed in visual story telling and VFX; there is no idea that he can not bring to life. Tad's aim as a director is to seamlessly bridge the gap between production and post, while producing creative and entertaining content.  

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Diana specializes in bringing together the art and science of social. From Nissan to CBS, the NBA to Nest, Levi's to Principal Financial Group, she's worked with brands across a variety categories to align business objectives with strategy and drive real, meaningful business results through social media.

Diana has extensive experience with paid social media, where she surgically targets audiences with custom tailored content and continuously optimizes to drive maximum results. This scientific approach, married with an understanding of the creative elements that lead to success in social, allow her to guide any organization toward smart, effective investment in this often unfamiliar territory.


Bill’s interest in politics started when he was shuttling back and forth to Tokyo where he managed a multi-million-dollar budget for Nissan’s global headquarters and lived the trade wars of the late 80s. His appreciation for American politics was on full display when he brought his Japanese wife back to the U.S. to start a family and work with his father to grow their media business. Bill is focused on delivering the best one-on-one local market media negotiation impact for his clients and is consistently credited with doubling advertising exposure for clients with no increase in budget.  He personally negotiates more than $25MM annually for various retail, restaurant, and entertainment clients in all forms of traditional and digital media in more than 60 U.S. markets.